Placement 2017

Interactivity Description

Great things are afoot in the world of Brûlée…

This year, in keeping with the Radical Ritual art theme, we transmogrify our kinky circus into… a temple. Inspired by the biblical Temple of Solomon, we shall create an intimate space in which to explore both the sacred and profane.

Esplanade Profile

As usual, our Esplanade profile will be a landmark of circusy crimson and gold stripes (okay, so it’s red and yellow – it’s the tarps available). But this year, in addition to our iconic hoop of real fire and our 12′ dance cages, we will this year be adding a 20′ temple facade resplendently lit to be seen from afar.

We are hoping to have portal placement again this year. Our portal side entrance last year was very popular, and allowed us to keep the long lines for bacon brunch off Esplanade. This year, we are also scheming a portal side stage – A Côté Brûlée (next to Brûlée). This will house a sub-camp of Brulee, the Ice Pirates, whose intentions and motivations are not entirely clear, but almost certainly nefarious. Additionally, some friends with an art car are interested in joining us on the portal side. We are excited about these additions and their potential for making portal all the more enticing.


Traditionally, Brûlée has been a three ring circus of sorts – kink, dancing, and bar, but they have been separate spaces. This year, we merge the rings into the temple. The three rings will coexist this year which should make for a more vibrant and exciting scene. This also will allow us to keep everything running 24/7 with minimal staffing.


Our famous and popular bacon and champagne brunch will be transmogrified into our daily Bacon and Champagne Communion, a ritual reflection on the atoning sacrifice for the sins of the past. As usual, this will be a highly interactive event. Last year it (d)evolved into “Fakin’ For Bacon” and “Pain for Champagne” – who knows what nonsense will come about this year.

We have daily(nightly) dance parties and a more substantial sound system this year, and expect to attract some of the better DJs for more intimate affairs.

Additionally we have a proper stage this year, and will be offering classes throughout the day and the night. In addition to requiring all our campers to teach something, we will actively reach out beyond our camp and find all sorts of educational and entertaining experiences to bring to Esplanade.


We take our 7:30 Sector Esplanade placement very seriously and consider ourselves the “Gateway to Iniquity” in so many ways. We have received many compliments over the years for the friendliness and fun that our camp brings to the sector, and our ability to bridge the gap between the vanilla and the non-so vanilla in a way that is approachable and nonthreatening. I think there is something inherently beautiful about the circus – where the “normal” people come to visit the “freaks”.

Additionally, of course, we value LNT more than just about anything in our camp. We are exceptionally proud that our camp has received green LNT every year of our existence, and we have every intention of ensuring that our land is better than we received it.



As an Esplanade entry to 7:30 sector for the last four years, we have taken up the mantle as an “introduction to kink” for the people of BRC. Our “circus” approach evolved from this very concept. We want to make an inviting and exciting portal (literally and figuratively) to the alternative lifestyle camps behind us. To this end, we have daily classes and interactive demonstrations, and invite others to come in and use our position to teach. We focus a lot of attention on our 11th principle: “Radical Consent” with the motto “Safety Third, Ask First”

With regards to the other ten principles, this year, we are going to try something different and overly focus on one per day. So there will be a “Radical Participation” brunch and a “Decommodification” dinner. Or something like that. We’ll host some round table discussions about what the principle means, how we embody it, and how we can do better!

We are taking the “Radical Ritual” theme to heart this year and creating a cult. As part of our indoctrination into our cult, we will have some “pledge” memorization of the ten principles – backwards. Or something 🙂

Physical Description

Our camp will be it’s highly visible and recognizable crimson and gold facade (okay, so it’s red and yellow – blame the tarp companies!). It will be backlit this year to increase visibility and we will have a music linked light show with the panels.

As always, the portal to Brulee will be our circus dance cages and our hoop of real fire. For the past three years, thousands of citizens of Black Rock City have leapt through our hoop!

This year, through the portal, will tower the 20′ Temple of the Burning Circle, the center of our new cult. There will be shadow boxes and a DJ booth overlooking a large dancefloor to the front, and our Temple Bar to the back.

We will have sufficient sound to hose a substantial dance party, but our focus is largely on higher quality sound inside the temple.

Interested? Join us!