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    About Us
    Zhuji Shun Import and Export Co., Ltd., is a professional production and export of a variety of apparel enterprises.
    Founded in 2016, is located in the famous water, Bridge township, Wine Township, Calligraphy Township, the town of Zhuji Shaoxing.
    Company capacity
    Our company mainly engaged in goods and technology import and export business, with good products and professional sales and technical team. Since the development and production integration, as well as the 10 production base, our company has 1 million pieces of garment production capacity every year.
    We have more than 100 skilled staff and well-equipped production and washing clothing workshop, can undertake all kinds of women, men, children’s wear and other production, processing and uniform construction.
    Enterprise Service
    From the beginning of the construction, always will be honest business as the cornerstone of development, adhering to the “integrity, quality, service, innovation,” the purpose of the company will be based on quality, price, delivery, after-sales service so you rest assured that gratified. In the company’s development and growth in the 2 years, we always provide customers with good products and technical support, a sound after-sales service.
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