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    Our Factory
    DongGuan Precision Converting Transmission Co.Limited,whose brand is “PRE Converting”.
    The company was founded in 2002, specializing in the production, research, development, and sales of tension controllers, tension detectors, web guide controllers, ultrasonic sensor, edge web guide, air shaft, core chuck and other industrial automation products.
    Our company and team are expert in industrial motion control,rewinding & unwinding control.
    The company’s self-developed fully automatic tension control system and servo web guide control system have strong performance and stable quality, they are at the most advanced level in China and the world, and widely used.
    in printing machineries, labeling machineries, paper machineries, plastic machineries, cable machineries, non-woven machineries, tire and rubber industry.

    PRE Converting has always been committed to improving the automation of converting machineries, adhering to the long-term cooperation and development of customers, focusing on improving product quality and market acceptance, to solve problems in the field of converters and coil control for customers;
    We can customize various converters’ parts and industrial controllers according to the requirements of customers’ equipments. With reliable product quality and high cost performance, PRE Converting has achieved good reputation in the field of tension control,web guide system,rewinding & unwinding control.
    Our Product
    1. Web Guide System.
    2. Tension Control
    3. Air Shafts
    4. Differential Shaft
    5. Pneumatic Adaptor
    6. Magnetic Powder Clutch
    7. Magnetic Powder Brake
    8. Air Clutch
    9. Air Disc Brake
    10. Safety Chuck
    11. Core Chuck
    12. Rollers
    Product Application
    Printing machines,labeling machines, paper machines, plastic machines, cable machines, non-woven machines, tire and rubber industry,slitting machine,rewinding machines,converting machines,blowing machine,coating machine,rewinding & unwinding industry,film equipment,slitter,packaging machines,die-cutting machines,die-cutters.
    Production Equipment
    CNC,Lathes,YAMAHA Euipments,Full Assembling Lines.
    Production Market
    Mainly customers in USA,Mexico,Asia and Europe.
    Our service
    Customers’request–our sales’ reply–technical doubts’analysis–technical program– quotation–customers’acceptance–drawing’s design & approval–production-delivery–follow up customers and orders’ situation.buy Powder Brake