The Hoop of Real Fire lives in front of Brulee on Esplanade.  The Ringmaster invites citizens to leap through it.  It is secured to the playa to prevent folks from knocking it over while leaping, and the fuel line buried to minimize the trip hazards.  It is manually lighted and manually turned off.



Safety and Emergency Response Plans

Safety Plan

Two fire extinguishers are clearly marked, by our entrance cages.  The propane tank is next to the cages, with the off valve clearly marked.   Our campers will be instructed how to shut off the hoop and the location of the extinguishers.  The hoop itself will be secured to the playa via chain and lag bolts.  The fuel line will be buried to prevent tripping.

Emergency Response Plan

In case of emergency, the regulator will be switched off, and extinguishers used as required.