Camp With Brulee

Camping with Brulee is lots of fun!

Here’s a glimpse into what we have planned on playa for this year:

  • Recurring (M-Sat)
    • 5a Sunrise Sinnatra
    • 11a – 1p Bacon and Champagne Communion
  • Sunday
    • Opening Night
  • Monday
    • BDSM 101 / Rough Body Play
    • Fire and Ice Party
  • Tuesday
    • Violet Wand
    • BDSM Safety Class
    • Submissive meet-and-greet
    • Brûlée  Art Tour
    • Planet Earth Take Over
  • Wednesday
    • Kittenplay Class
    • Train Your Pet
    • Dark ConSensual Circus
  • Thursday
    • Kittens Invade The Billion Bunny March
    • Dinner and Interrogation
    • Neko Maid Cafe
  • Friday
    • BDSM 101 / Rope Play
    • Fetish Kink Night Ceremony
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • Teardown

Our Camp!

Camp Dues

Paying camp dues allows us to build all the cool stuff we want to share with you, as well as guaranteeing you a campsite and one meal per night (maybe two if we decide to do breakfast). The fee schedule is:

  • $250  Before General Ticket Sale
  • $300 Before Placement
  • $400 After Placement
  • $500 in August

Contact Daniel or Jeff for more info on getting involved.

Interested? Fill out our free questionnaire to sign up!