Sex Ed for Adults: The Consent Lesson - Nurx™Since 2013, Brulee has considered Radical Consent as the 11th principle. But it’s not enough to talk about consent. It’s not enough to teach about consent. As a Camp that promotes explicit consent and the freedom of sexual expression, we recognize our responsibility in working to promote a safe, secure, and consensual environment at all of our events.

  • It is Brulee’s mission is celebrate and cultivate sexuality through education, art, and the radical self-expression.
  • As proponents of sex positive culture, our goal is to create a better world by promoting respectful interaction through consent education. We aim to move society into acceptance of sexuality as a healthy, integral part of being human. We support people in finding the type and amount of sexual pleasure that is right for them, respecting the spectrum from asexual to omnisexual

To this end, we are pursuing the creation of Brave New Safer Spaces.  Part of our mission is the creation and promotion of a Consent Culture where people are able, welcome, and encouraged to openly and honestly ask for consent regardless of the desired activity. Where people are free and encouraged to respond based on their own choices and desires. And where everyone respects and honors the response given, regardless of the desired outcome.

Consent violations and injuries happen, and we are deeply concerned about the personal, communal, and cultural repercussions. We recognize the damage these do and are committed to finding ways to both reduce the number of incidents and to supporting people who have experienced them.

We believe that changing the culture starts with making consent the cornerstone of all our events, educational opportunities, and outreach. We believe that creating a Consent Culture takes all of us, working together to be personally responsible and to hold each other accountable. And finally, we believe in working toward a time where people are so concerned with consent, that they can and will report their own violations; working with both the person who experienced the violation and the community to make amends. What are we doing about it:

    • We have created a dynamic Etiquette to lay out an ideological grounding for how we look at consent and consent violations. This policy will be posted in all of our events, listed on our websites, and made available to anyone who wants it. It will be reviewed and updated yearly or whenever new information comes to light.
    • We have created Protocol to give step by step guidelines for how to deal with consent violations or injuries when they are reported to us. This detailed procedure will be taught to our staff and volunteers and available for anyone to look at. It will be reviewed and updated yearly or whenever new information comes to light. 

As an organization we believe it is important to help people learn about consent and that through education we can help people to understand how important it is to engage in consensual behavior.

    • We provide regular workshops on consent for camp mates, community, and at our events. We will also host additional workshops on the subject.
    • We will engage in outreach to our Burner community and other sex positive organizations to support their consent curriculums and/or to offer ours.

Would you like your own copy of Etiquette and Protocol?  Please visit And-So-Can-You