Run Away With The Circus!

1. Join Facebook

Join the Brulee 2022 Facebook:

2. Join Discord

Attention Brulee Campers! In order to facilitate better communication and a more usable platform for organization and community building year-around, we’re making a move to Discord as our OFFICIAL Brulee Community – the facebook group, page and various other things will stay up, but starting this year ALL CAMPERS will be required to be on our discord server.

I’d highly encourage you to download the discord app to your phone and also your computer rather than using the web application. (

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app and created your account you can use the following link to automatically add yourself to our discord server

Once you’ve joined the server you’ll want to follow the instructions in the #read-this-first channel and acknowledge your acceptance to embody the principals and adhere to our #code-of-conduct. You can then use the #introductions channel to answer the 5 questions and provide any other information you’d like to in your introduction! Once this is done a member of either Gravity or Shadow will reach out to you and promote you to be Cirque Troop and additional roles and functionality will come available to you from there. Note that we are still in the process of building some of the community out, so we’ll keep everyone in the loop on upcoming changes or announcements in the #announcement channel. Please reach out if you have questions or issues getting setup and I’ll try to help everyone make sure they get running as soon as possible